Online Embroidery Sympathy Pillows crafted by Hollyhock Designs for special occasions

About Hollyhocks Designs

About Hollyhocks Designs

About Hollyhocks Designs

In late 2002, I embarked on a venture to open a gift shop in my county, which had a population of 7,000 residents. However, as time passed, it became clear that more than relying on retail sales would be needed to sustain a thriving business. It was in early 2007 that a valuable customer, Kaye Holbrook, who also happened to be our UK county agent, suggested that we explore the world of embroidery and invest in this new direction. Intrigued by the idea, we decided to give it a try.

As our embroidery business flourished, we gradually removed some gift lines. We replaced them with our embroidery designs, starting with woven throws and expanding to include our unique quilted throws. It was a gradual shift but proved to be a pivotal moment for us. Then, in 2013, with the generous assistance of a dear friend named Kenneth Bush, we launched our first website, making our products accessible to the public. Since then, we have continuously worked on improving both our website and our product offerings. I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable support and guidance provided by both Kaye and Ken along this journey.

Tammy Moore - Owner of Hollyhock Designs and primary Embroidery designer

About Tammy Moore

My name is Tammy Moore, and I am the proud owner and primary Embroidery designer of Hollyhock Designs. I take pride in creating heirloom products that enable customers to Capture Life’s Milestones, Moments, and Memories.

Outside of my professional life, one of my most significant personal interests lies within my family. Fortunately, I am married and have three grown children who occasionally join my husband and me in our adventures. Whether exploring unique Air B&Bs, kayaking down the Red River Gorge, or simply spending time together in the kitchen, creating delicious meals, my family brings immense joy to my life. They are indeed a blessing that I cherish deeply.

Hollyhocks Designs serves clients Nationwide and English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. Our honey hole seems to be in the Ohio Valley east and west, but we ship all over the United States.

Our Mission

As a niche Online Embroidery Shop, our mission is to deliver embroidered throws, pillows, and heirloom products of exceptional quality that surpass industry standards. In the realm of Sympathy designs, we aim to provide solace and comfort to those with weary hearts through the sentiments we convey. For our Special Occasion category our mission is to create an heirloom to treasure Life’s Milestones, Moments, and Memories!

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